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"Ðetuned Ðestruction"
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"Ðetuned Ðestruction"
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Ðetuned Ðestruction

жанры: german, ebm
альбомы: Kämpfe
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 905 просмотров
[EMCEE]Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Fremde, etranger, stranger
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,
Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay
Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome,
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret[SPOKEN]
Mein Damen und Herren,Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen! Guten Abend, bon soir, Wie geht's? Comment ca va? Do you feel good? I bet you do! Ich bin euer, je suis votre compere... I am your host.
Und sage,
Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome,
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to CabaretLeave your troubles outside,
So- life is disappointing? Forget it!
We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful... The girls are beautiful... Even the orchestra, is beautiful.
You see, I told you the orchestra, is beautiful.And now, presenting the Cabaret girls.
Rosie, Lulu, Frenchie, Texas, Fritzie... Und Helga. Each and every one, a virgin. Ooh, you don't believe me? Well don't take my word for it, try Helga.Outside it is winter, but in here, it it so hot! Every night we have to battle with the girls to keep them from taking off all their clothes. So, don't go away. Who knows, tonight, we may lose the battle![KIT KAT GIRLS]
Wir sagen, Willkommen bienvenue, welcome
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret to Cabaret![EMCEE]
We are here to serve you!
And now presenting the Kit Kat boys!
Here they are. Bobby! Victor!
Or is it Victor! Bobby... You know there's only one way to tell the difference... I'll show you later.
Hans, Herrman,
And finally, the toast of Mayfair Fraulein Sally Bowles!
Hello, darlings![EMCEE]
Bleibe, reste, stay![ALL]
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
Thats Victor.[ALL]
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome,
Fremde, etranger, stranger,[EMCEE]
Hello, stranger![ALL]
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,[EMCEE]
Enchante madam![ALL]
Happy to see you, Bleibe, reste, stay,
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
Fremde, etranger, stranger!
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante
Happy, to see you, bleibe reste stay,
Wir sagen,
Willkommen bienvenue, welcome,
Im Cabaret! Au Cabaret! To Cabaret![EMCEE]
Thank you!
Bobby, Victor, Hans, Rosie, Lulu, Frenchie, Texas, Fritzie, Helga, Sally and me!
Welcome, to the Kit Kat CLUB!
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