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"Ðetuned Ðestruction"
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"Ðetuned Ðestruction"
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Total Destruction


Ðetuned Ðestruction

жанры: german, ebm
альбомы: Game Over
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 577 просмотров
Twilight burn across the sky
Time has come the doom is near
Stillness rules this cloudless night
Armageddon is hereWoe to you
Earth and Sea
TOTAL DESTRUCTION12 days of total eclipse
Yet the stillness rules this night of mist
But slowly clouds of death are forming
The time has come to ReapBurning skies
Battle cries
TOTAL DESTRUCTIONThe end of mankind universe
So many battles yet to fight
Take heed foever learn
When the bells chime THE RETURN...Screams of fear
The doom is here
Это интересно:Nanomancer is the brainchild of J.A. Smith, a heavy synthetic sound influenced by sci-fi, horror & B-movies.Founded by James .A. Smith, a music tech graduate & guitarist since the age of eleven. James’ early influences were diverse and included metal, seventies rock & folk & classical. He later discovered industrial music and soon started experimenting with 4-track tape recorders, cheap FM synths and an old drum machine.After studying music technology in Barnsley, S.Yorks. he released the ‘Weevil Knevil rides again’ demo, which achieved great critical acclaim; “This is crazy music, and we love it a lot.” - Future Music Magazine.UK based Nanomancer was... продолжение
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