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"Ðetuned Ðestruction"
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"Ðetuned Ðestruction"
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Ðetuned Ðestruction

жанры: dark electro, german, ebm, harsh ebm, electro-industrial

Nanomancer is the brainchild of J.A. Smith, a heavy synthetic sound influenced by sci-fi, horror & B-movies.

Founded by James .A. Smith, a music tech graduate & guitarist since the age of eleven. James’ early influences were diverse and included metal, seventies rock & folk & classical. He later discovered industrial music and soon started experimenting with 4-track tape recorders, cheap FM synths and an old drum machine.

After studying music technology in Barnsley, S.Yorks. he released the ‘Weevil Knevil rides again’ demo, which achieved great critical acclaim; “This is crazy music, and we love it a lot.” - Future Music Magazine.

UK based Nanomancer was formed around 2008 and is a one-man hard EBM/Metal/Industrial outfit.

Brought up on a strict diet of early thrash metal, the Cold War, Hammer Horror, 50's b-movies and the constant sound of computers loading from tape Nanomancer brings these disparate influences together for a dark & heavy synthetic sound that mixes elements of EBM, Metal & Industrial. Throbbing synth bass drives eccentric melodies & occasional gritty vocals, mixed with jackhammer guitars & pulsing synth riffs.

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