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Ðetuned Ðestruction

жанры: dark electro, german, ebm, harsh ebm, electro-industrial
Это интересно: Nanomancer is the brainchild of J.A. Smith, a heavy synthetic sound influenced by sci-fi, horror & B-movies.Founded by James .A. Smith, a music tech graduate & guitarist since the age of eleven. James’ early influences were diverse and included metal, seventies rock & folk & classical. He later discovered industrial music and soon started experimenting with 4-track tape recorders, cheap FM synths and an old drum machine.After studying music technology in Barnsley, S.Yorks. he released the ‘Weevil Knevil rides again’ demo, which achieved great critical acclaim; “This is crazy music, and we love it a lot.” - Future Music Magazine.UK based Nanomancer was... продолжение

Альбомы исполнителя «Ðetuned Ðestruction»:

Всего 4 альбома (отображено 1 - 4)

2012 год
  1. Game Over
2011 год
  1. Tetrodotoxin
Альбомы без даты
  1. Kämpfe
  2. Untitled Album
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