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"More Than Life"
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"More Than Life"
  1. Love Let Me Go

Take My Life Away


More Than Life

жанры: hardcore
альбомы: Love Let Me Go
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 607 просмотров
Four years from now I'll have my say. 
 I'll think back to these sleepless nights. 
 Where we grew so close and wished our lives away 
 Sang songs of death together, kissing in the twilight
 When you whispered something I wish you never said
 Into winter our faces faded, 
 My knuckles cracked in the cold but I didn't mind 
 I was nearly home, and I stayed by your side
 Never wanted to think about our future, I've had doubtful eyes
 I can't erase the reality I watched you walk away from me. 
 I watched you walk away
 Breathe in those memories, 
 Drown out those tears
 Scream away those years.
 I was never good enough to take your breath away
 I was never good enough for you.
 Guide your hand and take my life away
Это интересно:Группа из Додж Сити, что в Великобритании. Успела записать демо "Prelude" и "7" пластинку под названием "Brave Enough to Fail" в 2008-м году, выпущеную на лейбле Anchors Aweigh Records. Весной 2010 вышел альбом Love Let Me Go. В 2014 году вышел второй лонгплей "What's Left Of Me".Должны понравиться любителям британцев The Legacy, Counting Days, а так же последних работ американских мелодик хардкор-групп Verse, This Is... продолжение
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