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"More Than Life"
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"More Than Life"
  1. Love Let Me Go

Daisy Hill


More Than Life

жанры: hardcore
альбомы: Love Let Me Go
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 747 просмотров
Why do i lie to myself and still pretend i don't remember every second of every hour that we ever spent together, your blood red cheeks in the cold (i beg you) follow me home, there's no cars on the drive, all the house lights are out. i know Its been a while since i got your train but its been longer since you got mine and i never said a thing. Daisy hill so easily you always get to me, i can hardly breath . At the end of the street i swear i saw myself walk in front of the road and with a flash of i light i was gone . i was fucking gone. in my dreams why is your house number upside down, why do floorboards creek so loud as if death was chasing me, since the day i was born deaths been chasing me back home. and when my time comes at the end of the road i'll be waiting here, set me free. no longer my home. no longer shelter. the clouds will cover me wherever i may be. trapped in a dying world, the winters last too long. the winters last forever. why do i lie to myself and still pretend i don't remember every month of every year that we ever spent together. your blood red cheeks in the cold follow me home. daisy hill so easily you always get to me. i can hardly breath.
Это интересно:Группа из Додж Сити, что в Великобритании. Успела записать демо "Prelude" и "7" пластинку под названием "Brave Enough to Fail" в 2008-м году, выпущеную на лейбле Anchors Aweigh Records. Весной 2010 вышел альбом Love Let Me Go. В 2014 году вышел второй лонгплей "What's Left Of Me".Должны понравиться любителям британцев The Legacy, Counting Days, а так же последних работ американских мелодик хардкор-групп Verse, This Is... продолжение
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