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"More Than Life"
  1. Scarlet Skyline
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  3. Love Let Me Go
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"More Than Life"
  1. Love Let Me Go

Scarlet Skyline


More Than Life

жанры: hardcore
альбомы: Love Let Me Go
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1181 просмотр
its getting colder outside, lets step out of the rain 
black clouds still circle the sky, the gods have felt our pain 
ash entered the lungs of those, who chose to live no more 
why she never spoke a word i will never know, she put flowers by her door 
the blackest eyes i've seen in shadows 
those eyes have seen the worse to come 
in a world with no beauty and no love to share 
she knew the storms, were coming all along 
killing something beautiful 
the broken red bricks turned to blood, running down the walls. 
her loved ones burst into flames and i wish i could join them to. 
fading away with the scarlet skyline, pray for the sun to set earlier every fucking day 
rotting away, the price of love we pay 
i put the last red rose on her grave
Это интересно:Группа из Додж Сити, что в Великобритании. Успела записать демо "Prelude" и "7" пластинку под названием "Brave Enough to Fail" в 2008-м году, выпущеную на лейбле Anchors Aweigh Records. Весной 2010 вышел альбом Love Let Me Go. В 2014 году вышел второй лонгплей "What's Left Of Me".Должны понравиться любителям британцев The Legacy, Counting Days, а так же последних работ американских мелодик хардкор-групп Verse, This Is... продолжение
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