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жанры: ebm, futurepop
альбомы: Re:Vision
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 396 просмотров
fitful nightmare crying out loud
screaming without making a sound
up so high afraid to look down
never to return to the ground
knowing you are trapped in a lie
at the very core of your life
something that you cannot deny
wanting but not willing to try 

empty shell with nothing to show
floating free with nowhere to go
how long will it take you to know
that now you are truly alone
shattered fragment no longer whole
tattered remnant scrap of your soul
lost and helpless creature so blind
looking at your life with closed eyes 

retrogradation the slow decline
retrogradation end of the line
retrogradation cold as the night
retrogradation out goes the light
Это интересно:Informatik released their debut album, Direct Memory Access, in 1995 via their own label SINless Records. Having achieved considerable success on the strength of the club hit “At Your Command,” they signed to Metropolis Records to re-issue the album as Direct Memory Access V2.0 with additional songs and a bonus video. Just two years later, Informatik released the sophomore album Syntax, which spawned a series of club hits that are still in rotation a decade later, such as “Entropy,” “Watching You Watching Me,” and “Things To Come.”After a few years of work on other projects, Informatik returned in 2002 with a retooled new trance influenced sound, delivering an album of powerful... продолжение
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