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  1. Flesh Menagerie
  2. Over
  3. Hopeless
  4. A Matter of Time
  5. Physical Education
  6. Retrogradation
  7. Autonomous
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  1. Nymphomatik
  2. Re:Vision


жанры: ebm, futurepop, industrial, electronic, darkwave, electro-industrial

Informatik released their debut album, Direct Memory Access, in 1995 via their own label SINless Records. Having achieved considerable success on the strength of the club hit “At Your Command,” they signed to Metropolis Records to re-issue the album as Direct Memory Access V2.0 with additional songs and a bonus video. Just two years later, Informatik released the sophomore album Syntax, which spawned a series of club hits that are still in rotation a decade later, such as “Entropy,” “Watching You Watching Me,” and “Things To Come.”

After a few years of work on other projects, Informatik returned in 2002 with a retooled new trance influenced sound, delivering an album of powerful club anthems titled Nymphomatik. Considered an almost perfect “future-pop” album by critics, Nymphomatik brought even more hits to the band's discography, with anthems like “A Matter of Time” and “Flesh Menagerie” popping up in setlists around the world. In 2005 they released yet another amazing dance album Re:Vision, a collection of new material as well as redesigned versions of some of their older hits from Nymphomatik and Syntax. An all new live show was assembled to begin promoting their upcoming release and the band co-headlined numerous US festivals as well as doing a string of live appearances to support De:Vision.

In 2008 Informatik returned with a new album Beyond, their most unique and genre-defying work to date. Taking their signature sound in a new rock oriented direction, Da5id and Tyler released an album that set about changing the listener's expection of the “Informatik sound.” Featuring guitar driven dark melodies and soulful lyrics, Beyond delivered powerful electronic arena rock anthems such as “It Always Ends The Same” and “Nothing Greater” alongside the infectious beats of “Temporary” and “Louder Than Words.” To help promote the release of Beyond, the band created a community driven remix contest, resulting in a maxi single of “Temporary” / “My True Love”, remixed by both veteran acts and newcomers alike. Issued by the band for free, the album has been downloaded several thousand times to date.

Continuing to explore their new "electronic arena rock" style, Informatik returns in 2009 with their latest album Arena. Without question the bands finest work to date, Arena offers truly stadium sized songs such as “Night and Day ” and “The World Belongs To Us ” while offering their latest club hit on “Falling.” A single and video for the lead track “Come Together” will be released in advance of Arena, showcasing the bands incredible production style and offering even more club ready hits. A new live tour is under preparation to support Arena and Beyond…don't miss it!

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