Mack the Knife


Louis Armstrong

жанры: jazz, swing, 50s
альбомы: The Ultimate Collection, La Vie En Rose, Greatest Hits, Pure Gold, Satchmo, The Wonderful Music Of, Mack The Knife
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 411 просмотров
Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them, pearly white
Just a jackknife has MacHeath, dear
And he keeps it out of sightWhen the shark bites with his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves though wears MacHeath, dear
So theres not a trace, mmm of redOn the sidewalk, Sunday mornin', baby
Lies a body, oozin' life
Someone sneakin' around the corner
Is the someone, Mack the Knife?From a tugboat, by the river
A cement bag's drooppin' down
Yeah, the cement's just for the weight, dear
Bet you Mack, he's back in townLooky here Louie Miller, disappeared, dear
After drawing out his cash
And MacHeath spends like a sailor
Did our boy do somethin' rash?Sukey Tawdry, Jenny Diver
Lotte Lenya, Sweet Lucy Brown
Oh, the line forms on the right, dears
Now that Mack, he's back in townTake it, Satch
Это интересно:Армстронг Дэниел Луи "Сэчмо" ("Сэчелмаут", "Гейтмаут", "Диппер-маут", "Диппер", "Фэйс", "Попс", "Литл Луис", "Кинг оф Джаз", "Амбассадор Сэтч"). Великий американский джазовый музыкант, трубач, корнетист, вокалист, руководитель оркестра, композитор. Дату своего рождения точно не знал и, скорее всего, выбрал ее произвольно - 4 августа 1901 года; более... продолжение
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