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"Проект Увечье"
  1. Лузервиль
  2. По накатанной
  3. Стрижка
  4. Цвета
  5. Беловодье
  6. У моей мечты
  7. Подморозило
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"Проект Увечье"
  1. Роспечаль
  2. Охлократия
  3. Тяжкие телесные



Проект Увечье

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Охлократия
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 839 просмотров
Текст не соответствует правилам портала

Like a black cat will run, wearing masks vrazhin,
accuse - that this stingy as a Jew, something pizdel, I think,
anyone out there has done for someone, say, strained to shiver lived
Bristling like anti-tank.

go on the attack made alive, thank you, would have lived,
as he lived. Believe me, I have not got mad fat
could not have given my life for you, but do not blame the lie,
I do dick had offered to squabbles and necessary ulozhit-

head the new alignment, teeth like schism,
threadbare arguments - for, but there is not so much sorrow,
as awareness of the hopelessness that is so close,
for the respectable guise - may hold cattle.

see Cop chaos here, and babosik Tale,
instantly, and you will throw to hell, remember 282,
Remember the fall, we presented a chance to throw the ground words
selecting those whose tastes like blood, just salty.

to those who would have to kiss, flying bullets and abuse,
fraternal heart share a face fails a test drive
You can lie to yourself, but someone else did not vedesh hump in paradise
and who will stay, you choose.

the window again, branches of the ice cover graying hair,
everything is as it went just froze,
but we are now apart, an invisible rope broke,
and it's not the end of spring, just froze,

Heat from the sky again ask bunches of rowan
redden, do not worry, then it froze,
in the alleys and the snow we have here is not, and was not at all,
no such & quot; have & quot ;, it just froze.

let the sadness will cover, I'm not proud of everything that got up,
ostentation thanks slalom dick, cut in Tuparí Language,
brothers reproached my path lies among the swamps, driftwood.
copies of what they do these singers that truth does not burn,

and instead of solidarity of friends, you will again drive a wedge,
again there is someone upekli, bringing up the loop,
Again there gloomy skies and build gravestones,
Again the leaf, over which he poured out soul,

sink ships in the sea trust quarrels. well beaten
ispiv nonsense - take out instantly because dirty linen in public.
We need solidarity, need peace, we need a sincere moment,
you need to eradicate the anger that we have inside ourselves,

cross out all cross-wise, I have to start from scratch.
New track, new album, again, notes in the margins.
if you do not like Che endure? Well, of course, go ahead -
remove ... (remove, delete)
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