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"Проект Увечье"
  1. Лузервиль
  2. По накатанной
  3. Стрижка
  4. Цвета
  5. Беловодье
  6. У моей мечты
  7. Подморозило
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"Проект Увечье"
  1. Роспечаль
  2. Охлократия
  3. Тяжкие телесные



Проект Увечье

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Охлократия
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 714 просмотров
Текст не соответствует правилам портала
Rap is not anyhow, and as the window would not Abakan
Will Snow , judging by the clouds, the poster on the wall
Encourages the Russian did not thump , but until march
None because he has not thrown a glass vodyaru
Gray cloth racks, guard - graven image
Gloss bridge flashed between puddles galloped
Stencil ACAB not cause perturbation rosette ,
So what is expressed using the native language
In Kant backpack not sure respirator - why?
There perchatochek heap - clear what killed the evening
In the arch inscription that call opizdyulit hachey
Vosmerochek couple and everything is there in the same vein
How many nights here on a finger rubbed corn
Displaying pieces in any season, hissing spray
Out of the hands carelessly giving colored tear streaks
Remember that the web has called jail inmates
Attracts the gaze implemented using hands
Logo and inscriptions of runes accurate if the surgeon
The Ghost Writer that dived into the fence hole
Disappearing into the dark yard somewhere closer to morning

Here concrete cover colors will soon be dawn
Propaganda slogans , mottos , scraps of quotations
Stickers will continue to fade , the sky colors dawn
Semantic charge and if the walls you say
The decline , then society rot community nits
But in the dark , too light up the pitch lights
Shudder indifferent stumps, rushing into the light
And that spark in you still one of the victories

Russian Russian help , called the stencil
In the yard , but then to each other throats rather vygryzut
Just to be on the pen and not catch age
Ate pike minnows , because this will continue
Kolovraty vegetables scare at the entrance to the staircase
Obebosy glad if there are options and weight
Someone Porgy and Bess , Fitzgerald and Maugham
Someone just has Ms and under ass Cayenne
Dissatisfaction leaves a trail on the walls in the dark
And it seems rahowa Children's Crusade
I am not competent to speak for everyone, thousands of themes
What concerns me , as outlined in the verses like
All that is in my heart - tomorrow will cover fences, see
While not jammed , unbiased promise inside
Faded marker stencil or bright acrylic
Well, this song is as if the soundtrack in MP3
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