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"Проект Увечье"
  1. Лузервиль
  2. По накатанной
  3. Стрижка
  4. Цвета
  5. Беловодье
  6. У моей мечты
  7. Подморозило
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"Проект Увечье"
  1. Роспечаль
  2. Охлократия
  3. Тяжкие телесные



Проект Увечье

жанры: hip-hop, rap
альбомы: Роспечаль
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 844 просмотра
Текст не соответствует правилам портала
Tracks not to dirty the South who are younger , just did not buy the humor .
In the sleepy hollows kumara again mist again endless blizzard .
Devastation in homes here blame hurry , if young ,
But from the chaos in the minds of not escape anywhere , this is the Kali Yuga .
It's not hot Utah, but also sang praises to the local ,
Pissing slums and it is certainly a shame, we dropped down to the
dark depths again wander solitary , my brane saga
not publish , so Muchu samizdat through the membrane from the subwoofer .
Then the sly ones who become smarter in the capital .
But most slept here in the act , on the bench with a bottle of the capital .
Any creative in ( forecastle ) ... close apartments expects lynching .
Yes, there is a clear and correct quote kinchik , but Kubrick with Lynch .
The usual gossip in doorways as swarming horseflies ,
Since most nurseries watch as they melt in the last glimmer of reason .
I am the rightful heir to this grim legend
We spent so many years here that probably have long turned to its residents.

Again longing strangled as rings python
Do not know anybody about your Givenchy and Viton
This is clearly not , because not in harmony with the local shabby concrete.
Hanging out at the dark dens , one thing is clear
The problems here go to the bottom of the slippery indifferent Triton .
Weighing three tons of stove that will press down the ambitions of youth quickly.
What is there in the end , the prosecutor or police officer , or cirrhosis of the attack?
Throughout the good intentions , but I do remember where they lined path .
Hence it is quite easy to escape permanently abroad, common sense.
Codes ovoscheprinyatyh rules compresses ring alienation.
Fuck , but at least I do not lie about respect from his colleagues , as well as all you want money ,
To leave this doomed city , black chronicle many sad downs.
I could here the abyss as they are, but I'm too self-confident ,
Pitch darkness hungry hyena sneaks along the trail,
I'm going blind again , and in this dark world of my acquaintance disappears without a trace.
I am the rightful heir to this grim legend
We spent so many years here that probably have long turned to its residents.
Это интересно:Об альбоме Роспечаль:

Заключительная часть трилогии Проект Увечье - "Роспечаль" и небольшое промо-видео к нему, снятое ребятами из cuts and scratches.
И приглашаем всех на презентацию альбома Проекта Увечье в Питере и Москве.
29 марта Питер @ BackStage
30 марта Москва @ 7even
На itunes альбом появится недели через три. Все полученные деньги, как обычно, будут честно потрачены на приобретение коттеджей, внедорожников и легкой летней обуви.

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