On Your Way


The Album Leaf

жанры: ambient, post-rock, instrumental, indie, mellow
альбомы: In A Safe Place
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1138 просмотров
You were sewn to the ground, so you cut the wires of lead.
You swim against the tide, yet you drowned in the sky.
You whispered to make a sound, and you crawled to reach the ground.
You held your head up high, yet you duck beneath the clouds.
And you, are on your way.
You, are on your way.This one was locked, closed down and refrained.
You tore through the glass, no one could understand.
As you pushed them all away, you made them all return.
This on was overcome, yet you lost in the end.
Now you, are on your way.
You, are on your way.
You, are on your way.
You, are on your way.
Это интересно:Официально группа The Album Leaf появилась в 1998 году как сольный проект Jimmy LaValle, гитариста из Сан-Диего. LaValle так же играл в нескольких других группах из Сан-Диего, таких как Swing Kids, The Locust и GoGoGo Airheart.Участники группы:Jimmy LaValle - продюсер, engineer, mixing, instrumentationMatthew Resovich - виолончель, гитара, глокеншпиль, вокалDrew Andrews - гитара, вокал... продолжение
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