Eastern Glow


The Album Leaf

жанры: ambient, post-rock, indie, mellow
альбомы: In A Safe Place
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 721 просмотр
One by one
We force ourselves
Turn it on
It comes in waves

Try to find
Maybe this time
Don't turn your head
It's easy to forget how we were

Once inside
We've made it here
We struggle with the lights
They never go away

What have we learned
It's the same old things
That trap us here
And never go away
We are changed

Through the tides
Make your way
You'll find the time
A comfort inside

Here I wait
In the safe place
Where we were so many years ago
So many years agao

One by one
We close our eyes
And return to that place
As a thousand nights go by 

One by one
We close our eyes
And return to that place
And a thousand nights went by
Это интересно:Официально группа The Album Leaf появилась в 1998 году как сольный проект Jimmy LaValle, гитариста из Сан-Диего. LaValle так же играл в нескольких других группах из Сан-Диего, таких как Swing Kids, The Locust и GoGoGo Airheart.Участники группы:Jimmy LaValle - продюсер, engineer, mixing, instrumentationMatthew Resovich - виолончель, гитара, глокеншпиль, вокалDrew Andrews - гитара, вокал... продолжение
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