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  3. Mr Smile
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"Paul Tiernan"
  1. Belle

Mr Smile


Paul Tiernan

жанры: irish, indie, singer-songwriter, beautiful
альбомы: Belle
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1172 просмотра
Speeding down the road, at the end of the day

All the worried faces saying

Say, how many more days like this

Must they're be

Let me see I'll count them out

As long as you live in this peculiar way

With your head to the ground, your back bent double


Oh, mr grey

Oh, mrs grey

Wooden steps and hollow legs of conversations

Big mistakes are never heard of

Now new deck of cards has been dealt

Since we last saw Richard

He just packed his bags, kicked his heels

Left a black mark on the name of family

Oh, such a disgrace

To see his face is cracking

Into a smile

Oh, mr smile

Oh, mrs smile

The last time I saw Richard

He was learning to smile
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Это интересно:Джеймс Брайт относится к разряду лучших chill out музыкантов на сегодня, в новом его альбоме есть треки, которые присутствовали абсолютно во всех лучших лаунж сборниках таких, как Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar, Cafe Abstrait, и многих других. Участник совместного проекта со Стивом Миллером (основателем проекта Afterlife) Lux.
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