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  4. A Big Mistake
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"Paul Tiernan"
  1. Belle

A Big Mistake


Paul Tiernan

жанры: irish, indie, singer-songwriter, beautiful
альбомы: Belle
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1254 просмотра
She's got her dress, she's got her ring

And a little baby growing somewhere deep within

Her heart is nearly breaking from all the talk around

If she could she'd run away from this empty little town

She knows that he is good but not nearly good enough

Not since she found the list and wished she'd never picked it up

Her friends said she was lucky, now she knows just what they mean

Since tuesday she just stays inside

Singing 'let it be'... 

And the clock never stops

Sunshine or rain

And the day never ends

It just comes around again

She's got her dress, she's got her ring

Now everyone agrees, she's got the real thing

But hope will drive her crazy and she never will admit

That after all is said and done

She's making a big mistake

She's making a... 

Big mistake
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Это интересно:Джеймс Брайт относится к разряду лучших chill out музыкантов на сегодня, в новом его альбоме есть треки, которые присутствовали абсолютно во всех лучших лаунж сборниках таких, как Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar, Cafe Abstrait, и многих других. Участник совместного проекта со Стивом Миллером (основателем проекта Afterlife) Lux.
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