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"Much the Same"
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"Much the Same"
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Gut Shot


Much the Same

альбомы: Survive
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1267 просмотров
These photographs that hang on my wall meant everything
Looking back they all seem like a fading dream
But waking now I know that it's just a fallacy
I rub my eyes and face realityHow could I just sit and ignore all the signs
Was it easier to say it was fine?
Now the words are out in the open air
I try to make it right but you don't care
Content to be blind, not to see
Happy to follow, not to lead
But now that I've regained my sight
I won't be losing sleep tonightPut up a wall I can't tear down
There's no reason, you don't have to shut me out
Suddenly it seems that you're too good for me
Remember when we were like family?
Now you've ruined everythingWith everything passing day the space between us only grew
Whatever happened to the person I once knew?
And there were time I called you almost every single day
I know you'd see my name and put your phone awayFunny how expendable some things can be
Like our friendship and your negativity
You look down your nose at me with such disdain
You're so much better, "friend," how is the cocaine?
You're the last that I thought could do this
If you needed blood I would have slit my wrist
Now you'd cut me open just for spite
So I won't be losing sleep tonightIt seems that I have been betrayed again
By enemies disguised as friends
Feels like a gut shot that stripped away my breath
And now there's nothing left
And now there's nothing left
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