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"Much the Same"
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"Much the Same"
  1. Survive

For Those Left Behind


Much the Same

альбомы: Survive
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 870 просмотров
Is it so hard to understand?
You got left behind 'cause you wanted to do something with your life
You wanted something where mediocrity would not suffice
And i know the scene is bleeding, but I can't shake this feeling that's inside
I know this life's not for everyone but I'm still gonna tryWe could give up now, let ourselves just drown tonight
Never voice my point of view and no more songs to sing for you,
but this time, not out without a fightTime keeps running out. I wake up each day and my pen and stare though my hazy eyes
At the blank sheet that's in front of me, but no one wants to hear me sing about
How the scene is bleeding, but I can't take this feeling that's inside
I know this life's not for everyone, but I'm still gonna tryFor years it's been built up and I won't let them tear it down
We've bled for this scene and with our blood we'll wipe the stains clean
For all those that were left behind, don't think we'll ever say goodbye
You're always with us in our hearts and on our minds
We'll try to cure this disease that mocks everything
That you wanted it to be, it's everything to me
Это интересно:Замечательная панк-рок группа из Чикаго. Much The Same играют быстрый мелодичный хардкор в лучших традициях NOFX, Lagwagon, и No Use For A Name. Большинство их треков можно скачать с, что очень радует.
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