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The Love



жанры: chillout
альбомы: FOOD OF LOVE
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 470 просмотров
Love is beautiful,
Fierce and strong.
An insatiable, all-consuming fire.
A lion pacing on the red hot embers of desire.
Love is a thirst that’s never quenched, 
A sacred flame that can’t be drenched by icy showers of sobriety
Or a society strangled by notions of propriety.
So what kind of love is this,
This love that dares not speak its name?
This love that hangs its head in shame?
Is this so-called love even worthy of its name?
True love doesn’t lie,
It doesn’t hide,
And it will never be denied
The right to sing its furious song in the sad, empty streets from dusk ‘til dawn.
Love laughs at fear
And cries out its name for all to hear.
Love is beautiful,
fierce and loud.
But most of all,
Love is proud.
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Это интересно:Long Range is an English techno band formed in September 2005 featuring Phil Hartnoll and Nick Smith.Long Range played live a few times in 2006 accompanied by Kelly Malone and Mick Mula on vocals, Jimi Mula on keyboards, Sarah Tunnel on violin and Will White of the Propellerheads on drums.Their first album Madness and Me, was released in late 2007 on their own LRR label. The album is a collection of music ranging from more downtempo electronica to massive festival hits reminiscent of Hartnoll's past act, Orbital.They are set to release a second single from the album with mixes by Lee Combs & Hybrid
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