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жанры: chillout
альбомы: FOOD OF LOVE
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 816 просмотров
Tonight as I lay on the boxcar
Just waiting for a train to pass by
What will become of the hobo
When his time comes to die
There's a Master up yonder in heaven
Got a place that we might call our home
Will we have to work for a living
Or can we continue to roam

Will there be any freight trains in heaven
Any boxcars in which we might hide
Will there by any tough cops or brakemen
Will they tell us that we cannot ride

Will the hobo chum with the rich man
Will we always have money to spare
Will they have respect for the hobo
In that land that lies up there

Repeat Chorus
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Это интересно:Long Range is an English techno band formed in September 2005 featuring Phil Hartnoll and Nick Smith.Long Range played live a few times in 2006 accompanied by Kelly Malone and Mick Mula on vocals, Jimi Mula on keyboards, Sarah Tunnel on violin and Will White of the Propellerheads on drums.Their first album Madness and Me, was released in late 2007 on their own LRR label. The album is a collection of music ranging from more downtempo electronica to massive festival hits reminiscent of Hartnoll's past act, Orbital.They are set to release a second single from the album with mixes by Lee Combs & Hybrid
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