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жанры: chillout
альбомы: FOOD OF LOVE
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 967 просмотров
I took to the wind and pick up ant-gravity
Never can hold me down
I'm locked just like my rocket my niggas the galaxy
Nothin' can slow me down
I'm chillin' out with the stars
Feelin' like I'm on Mars
Gotta ring that went into spaceships
You niggas still stuck in your cars
While you mash off, I'mma blast off
I'm a lap dog, cause I pass y'all
In my own zone, call it Bone zone
Nigga talented up in my mind
Nigga and i find quick and i find
It is the design of a mastermind
To do that you must take a flight
Be ready for pend and never be scared of heights
Because I'm goin' higher then haters can only imagine
But they never could see it
And that's cause my harmony melodies will be classics
So that mean I'mma be here
Now look at me nowMedication, and have some meditation
Takes a levitation to the perfect elevation
Medication, and have some meditation
Takes a levitation to the perfect elevation
See they don't really know how high I go
Let me remind you niggas I stay highAnd I'm never to slow never know
Well there is no second guessing
If I'm going to make it
This is a war before the thunder
So come and I'm a come back to take it
See I'm in another dimension and that's why they
Never can comprehend ya see
But you come in to my world like ya gotta do is lend an ear to me
It's clear to me ya niggas not on my level
Get on my level you think you suffer the dividend
Trying to battle you might as well rap with a shovel
And truly it's amazing cause we here and still maintain
And you respect much more than fame this legendary has been came up
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Это интересно:Long Range is an English techno band formed in September 2005 featuring Phil Hartnoll and Nick Smith.Long Range played live a few times in 2006 accompanied by Kelly Malone and Mick Mula on vocals, Jimi Mula on keyboards, Sarah Tunnel on violin and Will White of the Propellerheads on drums.Their first album Madness and Me, was released in late 2007 on their own LRR label. The album is a collection of music ranging from more downtempo electronica to massive festival hits reminiscent of Hartnoll's past act, Orbital.They are set to release a second single from the album with mixes by Lee Combs & Hybrid
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