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No Duh



альбомы: K.Flay
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 750 просмотров
[Verse 1]
Bowl of cheerios gripped up in my left hand
Balling like Lebron, but I'm less tan, sweating no headband
Undercover X-man, posers I hex them
Hear your shit, I treat it like my bitch, onto the next jam
Just kidding, I treat my bitches with respect
Talking politics to boys while they're kissing on my neck
I'm Lex Luther, Carlos Boozer
You wear your laces loose I rock my nikes looser
The booster seats where I reside, puffing Mary J, bumpin Mary J Blige
And I might go psycho when the mic goes in my hand
Take my Flintstones vitamins
Fixed gear bike I'm cycling
Yeah I when I come in you see me stomping taters
More popular than gefilte fish at a seder
My calculators TI-89, you're stuck on 83
While you all wait in line, I'm on that VIP
Feeling me moving the earth by millimeters with my words
Fuck what you heard verses tighter than Ernie and Bert
Dudes and girls they're lifting their shirts when they see me
That's one of the perks, I'm basically the lady who merks
Everything in sight I'm going berserk
You dummies slower than molasses, I'm cutting classes
As is I earned a perfect grade point average
You're up to bat I'm Greg Maddux, si yo estoy
Making every boys package happy call me almond joy
Sharp shooter aim impeccable, roll with Dewey decimal
The dopest animal from here to Senegal
Flow so menstrual I need a tampon on the track
Got a couple bars to kill it and some monkeys on my back
I must admit I'm just a bit custom fitted
Check this shit who wants to hit it
Who am I kidding, everyone up in this city wanna get it
Don't need a sidekick
People treat my style like retainer molds and bite it

[Hook x2]
Smoking, soaking up sun you think I'm done I've just begun
Giant on the mic they're calling me Paul Bunyan
Yakking on some purp' and sipping on some soda
Tell me that I'm fresh I'm like no duh
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Это интересно:Кристин Флаэрти, или K.Flay, - американская певица и продюсер из штата Иллинойс. Свою карьеру девушка начала ещё в 2004 году, однако полноценный студийный альбом под названием "Life As A Dog" выпустила только в 2014 году. Критики высоко оценили пластинку, сочетающую в себе элементы хип-хопа и инди-рока.
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