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Everyone I Know



жанры: hip-hop, rap, indie
альбомы: Life as a Dog
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 532 просмотра
[Verse 1]
Everyone I know, everyone I know is sad
Smiling in a bad way, high off stolen meds
Everyone I know, everyone I know's got plans
But they all just play the keys in shitty bands
Call my phone if you're feeling lonely
Cause I'm not anyone's one and only
I'm dead, I'm dead

[Verse 2]
Everyone I know, everyone I know is mean
Mad they're 25 not 17
Everyone I know, everyone I know's a kid
Who'll turn out like their fucked up brother did
Write me back if you're feeling empty
I like the rules, I don't like pretending I'm bad
Cause I'm not bad, cause I'm not bad

[Verse 3]
Everyone I know, everyone I know is great
Good enough to fight for second place
Everyone I know, everyone I know can talk
Until their lives get outlined in chalk
Come around if you're feeling frightened
I can see that the noose is tightening fast
Way too fast, way too fast

[Bridge x2]
The city's gonna kill me, throw me from a building, shoot me in a drive by
The city's gonna stalk me, knock out all my front teeth, drown me in the high tide
Это интересно:Кристин Флаэрти, или K.Flay, - американская певица и продюсер из штата Иллинойс. Свою карьеру девушка начала ещё в 2004 году, однако полноценный студийный альбом под названием "Life As A Dog" выпустила только в 2014 году. Критики высоко оценили пластинку, сочетающую в себе элементы хип-хопа и инди-рока.
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