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  1. Modern Rituals

Wait for You



жанры: indie, alternative
альбомы: Modern Rituals
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 844 просмотра
[Hook, Chief Keef]
Wait wait, told that bitch
Wait wait, she say when you finna scoop me
Wait wait, bitch I'm finna scoop you
Wait wait, I got some shit to do
Wait wait, all these niggas in the way
Wait going to get this cake
I got some shit to do baby could you wait
[Verse 1, Chief Keef]
Told her meet me at the hotel and wait
Give me a second baby, I'm gonna get this cake
So baby can you wait, if you can't then skate
Bitch, cause I can't wait
For a bitch trying to play me
Like GTA 3 or 5
Baby look up in my eyes and wait
The fuck I'm finna say, wait
Got the K, a nigga try me he get blazed, today
Wait wait, I ain't done yet
Wait wait, I ain't done having fun yet
Wait, I ain't done getting checks, wait
[Verse 2, Chief Keef]
W-A-I-T wait
I R-I-D-I-N ridin thottie
W-A-I-T bitch
I going to get this cake bitch I'm scouting and lounging
I'm waiting for the shit
I'm pacing for the shit
Racks up in my pants and I spend it
Also in my pants is a slammer
All these bitches slamming
All these bitches blaming
I shoot them with the hammer
He don't even get shot by a hammer
Wait, go and grab the K, spray
Wait, let's go hit the safe
That bitch told me wait
I told that bitch to get up out my face
Это интересно:The story of Chief is one of two coasts. Though Evan Koga, Mike Moonves and brothers Danny and Michael Fujikawa were all born and raised as sons of Los Angeles, they left for New York University, worlds away. It was in New York that they first got to know one another as collaborators, rumbling through a number of semi-serious projects and solo ventures before feeling swept away by a small run of songs Koga had penned and presented to them. He had written them under the name Chief, a moniker the brothers Danny and Michael opted to keep the day they first formed their trio. It was on New York stages that they honed their songs and found their sound, a thoughtfully melodic update on summer and road records... продолжение
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