Out of the Wardrobe


The Kinks

жанры: rock
альбомы: Misfits
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.8 / 759 просмотров
Has anybody here seen a chick called Dick
He looks real burly but he's really hip
He's six feet tall and his arms are all brown and hairyHe married Betty Lou back in '65
When you had to be butch to survive
But lately he's been looking at his wife with mixed emotionsYou see, he's not a common place closet queen
He shouldn't be hidden, he should be seen
'Cos when he puts on that dress he looks like a princessWell, the day he came out of the wardrobe
Betty Lou got quite a surprise
She didn't know whether she should get angry or not bat an eyeShe really couldn't call up her mama
Mama would positively die
Should she go or stay, or should she try to get a trial separationYou see, he's not a faggot as you might suppose
He just feels restricted in conventional clothes
'Cos when he puts on that dress he feels like a princessHe's not a dandy, he's only living out a fantasy
He's not a pansy, he's only being what he wants to be
Now his life is rearranged and he's grateful for the change
He's out of the wardrobe and now he's got no regretsBetty Lou didn't know what to do at first
But she's learning to cope at last
She got the best of both worlds and she's really in a state of elationShe says that it helped their relationship
She says a change is as good as a rest
And their friends are finally coming 'round to their way of thinkingShe wears the trousers and smokes a pipe
And he washes up, she helps him wipe
'Cos when he puts on that dress he looks like a princessHe's out of the wardrobe and he's feeling alright
He's out of the wardrobe and he's feeling satisfied
Now it's farewell to the past, the secret's out at last
He's out of the wardrobe and now he's got no regrets
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Это интересно:The Kinks (англ. "Чудаки") — британская рок-группа, одна из групп, сформировавших в рок-музыке 1960-х гг. отличительное британское звучание, влияние которого можно проследить на примере множества жанров от панк-рока до бритпопа. Одни из основоположников субкультуры модов. Творческого пика группа достигла во второй половине 60-х годов, когда выходили их концептуальные альбомы.1963-65У... продолжение
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