To the Bone


The Kinks

жанры: 60s, rock, british, 80s

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.You Really Got Me★★★★★
  2. 2.All Day and All of the Night★★★★
  3. 3.Set Me Free
  4. 4.Till the End of the Day
  5. 5.Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
  6. 6.Sunny Afternoon★★★★
  7. 7.Dead End Street
  8. 8.Death of a Clown
  9. 9.Lola
  10. 10.Better Things
  11. 11.Come Dancing
  12. 12.Don't Forget to Dance
  13. 13.Celluloid Heroes
  14. 14.Picture Book
  15. 15.A Gallon of Gas
  16. 16.State Of Confusion
  17. 17.Do It Again
  18. 18.Do You Remember Walter
  19. 19.Give The People What They Want
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