The Wine Song


The Cat Empire

жанры: rock, alternative, ska
альбомы: Two Shoes, Live On Earth, The Cat Empire, Two Shoes - Special Edition
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1169 просмотров
Songs and melodies change and change
and sway
but they still stay the same
the songs that we sung when the dark days come
are the songs that we sung when we chased them away
if I ever found a pot of gold
I'd buy bottles untold of the nectar of the vines
Cause I'm gonna die with a twinkle in my eye
'cause I sung songs spun stories loved laughed and drank wineTomorrow is another day
the cats are out to play, to play
that old rusty spaceship wants to sail
into the milky way again
on a river of red red wineRun...
(let's have some)
(a toast to the)
Sun...In summer the bushfires rage and rage
and rage
on such beautiful days
and we fight them with water that runs through the cracks
water we're desperately trying to save
so I'll just live on wine and water my vines
and sleep on the wind with the fires right behind
and sing on the beaches and dance through the night
oh we'll cry 'pass the wine, pass the wine, pass the wine'Run...
(let's have some)
(a toast to the)
Sun...Oh what a beautiful day today!
today's a day to celebrate
grab your bucket, grab your spade
we're heading down to Half Moon Bay
I saw a plane go into a cloud
I'm drunk I'm singing I'm happy and loud
two o'clock in the arvo, but hey that's allowed...
I'm having a good time and of that I am proud
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Это интересно:The Cat Empire — группа музыкантов из Австралии, Мельбурна, состоящая из 2 вокалистов, 3 трубачей, 4 тромбонов, 1 барабанщика, и нескольких тамбуринов и других инструментов. Их музыку часто определяют как смесь джаза, ска, фанка и рока с сильным влиянием латиноамериканской музыки. Группа много гастролирует по Австралии, США и Европе и выпустила 5 альбомов, первые 2 из которых стали дважды платиновыми,... продолжение
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