The Cat Empire

жанры: funk, ska, jazz
альбомы: Two Shoes, Two Shoes - Special Edition
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 640 просмотров
Walking down the street
with some evil in my eye
and some thoughts in my head
that were making me feel high
on my head was a hoodi
in my ears was some bass
was walking by my dog
when I saw that sexy face
come towards me
with a little cheeky smile
if she was a phone
I'd pick her up and dial
the fire brigade
or zero zero zero
she stopped me in my tracks
and I said ‘mmm hchello hchello...’

I was sleeping in the sand
with some dreams in my head
that were causing an extension
to the towel and my bed
and the waves were rolling
like the curves on those legs
of a sweet beach bella
with that centrefold spread
in the midst of the slumber
I heard some footsteps creeping
and I woke to discover
the woman I'd been dreaming
she knelt down beside
said 'can I share your pillow?'
I rolled over and I said
‘well hchello hchello...’
Some like money making
some like cars
and some like the houses
with the rooftop spas
and some like to gossip
about some rich sugar daddies
but me and my friends
we like the golden brown honeys
and some like watching people
living on TV
that's a little strange
if you're asking me
cos I like to eat and laugh
and **** and play down low
these are the things I know
well hchello hchello...

Welcome to this night
welcome to this song
welcome to these rhymes
that be going on and on
welcome to the empire
and the funky empire tunes
but most of all welcome
to the bellas in this room...
well hchello hchello
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Это интересно:The Cat Empire — группа музыкантов из Австралии, Мельбурна, состоящая из 2 вокалистов, 3 трубачей, 4 тромбонов, 1 барабанщика, и нескольких тамбуринов и других инструментов. Их музыку часто определяют как смесь джаза, ска, фанка и рока с сильным влиянием латиноамериканской музыки. Группа много гастролирует по Австралии, США и Европе и выпустила 5 альбомов, первые 2 из которых стали дважды платиновыми,... продолжение
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