Days Like These


The Cat Empire

жанры: ska, funk, alternative
альбомы: Two Shoes, Live On Earth, The Cat Empire, Two Shoes - Special Edition
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1033 просмотра
To the gods in the sky 
There's one thing you can do 
You can send us some sun 
And we'll play you this tune 
Because sitting in our room 
Lying down with a scoob 
And the sunshine 
Through our window 

It's days like these 
That make us happy 
Like a puppy getting lucky 
With Lassie hassle-free 
Hours passing by 
With the beat one two 
Said it's days like these kicking back 
Just doing what we do 

Number one I'd find some 
Loving in the sun 
With someone that can make me 
Growl and hum say hmmm... 
A boom boom shak 
And the beat that she throw at me 
Knocking me flat 

Number two 
I'd cruise where the grass is smooth 
And the sound of the sea 
Is a dreamy melody 
Snooze all afternoon 
Till the night time wake me 
Cos shakedown soon 

Number three 
I'd be dancing like a monkey up a tree 
Find sweet simplicity 
By kissing my honey 
Get funky like Bond 
When he's played by Connery 
And get crafty 
Like Don Corleone 

Watching Oliver jam a little more 
Remember the night when I saw 
What i never never never seen before 
Lavender wrestling a rich wild boar 



And dirty hands 
I like them see 
They make the music that we play 
Sound oh so sweet 
And my mother always made me eat broccoli 
And now look at me 
I'm as strong as can be 
So put some spice in my sauce 
Honey in my tea 
An ace up my sleeve 
And a slinky plan b 
And most importantly 
My mad family 
They named me lucky 
And for that I'll sing about 
Days like these
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Это интересно:The Cat Empire — группа музыкантов из Австралии, Мельбурна, состоящая из 2 вокалистов, 3 трубачей, 4 тромбонов, 1 барабанщика, и нескольких тамбуринов и других инструментов. Их музыку часто определяют как смесь джаза, ска, фанка и рока с сильным влиянием латиноамериканской музыки. Группа много гастролирует по Австралии, США и Европе и выпустила 5 альбомов, первые 2 из которых стали дважды платиновыми,... продолжение
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