If You Want Me To Stay


Sly & The Family Stone

жанры: funk, soul, 70s, funky
альбомы: Anthology, The Essential Sly & The Family Stone, FRESH
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1303 просмотра
If you want me to stay,
I'll be around today,
To be available for you to see.

But I am about to go,
And then you'll know,
For me to stay here I got to be me.

You'll never be in doubt,
That's what it's all about,
You can't take me for granted and smile.

Count the days I'm gone
Forget reachin' me by phone
Because I promise I'll be gone for a while.

And when you see me again,
I hope that you have been,
The kind of person....that you really are now.

Got to get in straight,
How could I ever be late,
When you're my woman taking up my time.

Whoa, oh how could I ever allow,
I guess I wonder how,
I could get out a pocket for fun. HOW HOW!!

When you know that you're never number two,
Number one's gonna be number one,
Ohh oww oohh

I'll be good,
I wish I could
I get this message over to you now.

Ahhh, yeah, mmmm

When you see me again,
I hope that you have been,
The kind of person you really are now.

I'll be so good, oh
I wish I could,
Get the message over to you now.

Ahhh, yeah.....
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