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"Say Hi"
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"Say Hi"
  1. The Wishes And The Glitch
  2. Oohs & Aahs
  3. Um, Uh Oh

Zero to Love


Say Hi

жанры: indie, 00s
альбомы: The Wishes And The Glitch
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.2 / 203 просмотра
This is it, it's the key to it all, and besides I'm so tired being sick all the time. They said don't get a first-gen, but it's nice. It's so nice. And you can come push the buttons if you like, just be gentle. I'm still making sure all the functions are all right. But this new heart of mine goes from zero to love in no time. So the salesman said he got one for himself, a charmed life with some kids and some stainless steal knives. Paid in full as of 2029, I'll need to scrape all my change and give up all my toys but, really, who needs more than this thing?
Это интересно:Say Hi is a Seattle-based indie rock band. Formed by Eric Elbogen in Brooklyn 2002, Say Hi's albums are mostly recorded at Elbogen's home, with him playing all of the instruments and providing vocals.
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