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"Say Hi"
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"Say Hi"
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Say Hi

жанры: beautiful, chill
альбомы: Oohs & Aahs
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1190 просмотров
Well all this time I guess I wished that I had the time to say goodbye
She's a ruby and I liked red, until I disappeared a little too well.

I guess I should have kissed her
that one night when she was leaning in
I guess I should a lot of things, huh?

But Maurine, I can't come to your party, 'cause I think that I'm dead

All through the tunnel, and onto the tram
I wonder what it's like when your hands stop this shaking
It's as cloudy as I dreamt it would be
It's as empty as I thought it would be

I hope it goes well 
I hope your dad's good 
I hope you've got presents 
That make you pretty happy
I hope you grow old and
I hope that you find somebody nice

But Maurine, I can't come to your party, 'cause I think that I'm dead
Это интересно:Say Hi is a Seattle-based indie rock band. Formed by Eric Elbogen in Brooklyn 2002, Say Hi's albums are mostly recorded at Elbogen's home, with him playing all of the instruments and providing vocals.
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