On A Lonely Screen


RX Bandits

жанры: ska, alternative
альбомы: And the Battle Begun
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 556 просмотров
Well I got a reason my goals defined words in a line and my politics

(every word is true)

Oh i got my lover with her legs up high, my fingertips on her light switch

If someone found the way to save us from ourselves

(oh dear you're only dreaming)

And you got a letter you got a number you got a dream you make your personal hell

(year yeah...)

And we got obligation to production

We got the angels in a rubber cell with their hands tied up

If you can find a way to make the world yourself

(oh dear it's only dreaming)

There's a blue eyed pretty woman saying things that she don't mean

Come on baby don't you listen lock your doors up tight tonight

Cause there's a million people dying and there's bound to be more

Learned it's just from listening to a faithful faithful imitation

Cause we breathe in everything

It's in our eyes and it's in our skin speaks a holy replication

With her checks all sunken in, bloody nose and a plastic grin

He needs a pill just to feel her insides, she needs a crutch just to wake her up

Ghost-eyed man and the walking dead what does feeling really feel like?

Digging up a body from a burial ground, wipe the bones off nice and clean

Mother don't breast feed your children with a plastic mouse and a crystal screen

Now there's more white people talking about a war that's make believe

Doctor spins a word like freedom we pretend to know just what it means
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Это интересно:Rx Bandits основана в 1995 году в Сил-Бич, штат Калифорния.Текущий состав:Matt Embree – вокал, гитара;Steve Choi – гитара, клавишные;Joseph Troy – бас, бэк вокал;Christopher Tsagakis – барабаны.
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