In Her Drawer


RX Bandits

жанры: ska
альбомы: And the Battle Begun
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 854 просмотра
A blue square to numb the pain
white hexagons to accelerate
swallow yellow to relax
whiskey and a green one to forget the pastSpeak to me now,
won't you put your guns in the ground?
Let's sing till our voices break the soundDoctors say that I'm insane
while rectangles now to concentrate
another yellow to relax
scribbled down solutions to erase the pastGot me feeling like an outsider
They're in her drawer
but she says she doesn't take em
Got me feeling like an outsider
They're in her drawer
but she does not take em all
Oh no now we've all been diagnosed
oh no I can not feel at allSociety creates symptoms;
the system medicates them
(there is no progress in a cure,
they've got their eyes on the return
it came from our own hand
to squeeze the last survivor)Kiss me baby, make it better, kiss me baby
you can make it better
Would you, would you ever?
Could you, could you ever?
(watch your life through a screen)
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Это интересно:Rx Bandits основана в 1995 году в Сил-Бич, штат Калифорния.Текущий состав:Matt Embree – вокал, гитара;Steve Choi – гитара, клавишные;Joseph Troy – бас, бэк вокал;Christopher Tsagakis – барабаны.
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