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"Dark Lotus"
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Dark Lotus

альбомы: Tales from the Lotus Pod
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 951 просмотр
[Monoxide Child:]
I hear the words are spoken
I think my mind is broken
I keep on steady smoken
Hopefully I die from choken
Know what I was just thinking
Maybe if I keep drinking
The voice will quit and I can escape from this demon deakin
My lifes a living hell
Only the voice can tell
Oh please oh christ compell
Lead me from this evil spell
My body won't stop shaking
These voices keep on making
Me do things to people, this must just be the work of satan[Jamie Madrox:]
They want my mind an soul this shit is way out of control
I haven't been to sleep in weeks, i'm sweating but my body's cold
I'm shaking like a leaf, terrified to go to sleep
Puking from the medication my vitals signs are looking weak
I see him in the mirror, he told me come inside
He lives inside my head so there's no where to hide
They want my soul to die so they can come alive
Possess my body, so everybody can realize[Chorus:]
They say they'll give me pain
They say they'll give me love
They say they'll make me bleed
And tell me i'm above
They take me down again
This is my medicine
I cut the head off the devil and I throw it at you!
They say they'll give me pain
They say they'll give me love
They say they'll make me bleed
And tell me i'm above
They take me down again
This is my medicine
I cut the head off the devil and I throw it at you![Violent J:]
I take so many zoloft
I bleed my nose off
I run up in a church and rip my fucking clothes off
The demon follows me right to the house of God
But then it swallows me and takes me to the Lotus Pod
What can I do when my brains shakes my earth quakes
My lips crack, my skin dries up and flakes
Sleepless, 6 days of weakness
I pin eyelids open, with rusty paperclips[Blaze Ya Dead Homie:]
The demons coming for me, they want to take my body
Hands reaching up behind me sufficate the breath upon me
They sqeaze my vocal chords until I want to scream
Call upon the dark lord please wake me from my dream
I'm steady popin no-doze, I never want to sleep
Mental pressure over comes the brain, the evil creeps
Body shakes for me uncontrol I need to pop another pill
Demons here to take my soul to late I need a refill[Reverse Message:]
Spoken are the words
In the hands of pythona
Are the magic spells
To unlock the keys to the universe
It awaits, it will be summoned
By the pedals of the lotus
The night candles clean mind and soul
Shall invoke the power[Chorus][Shaggy 2 Dope:]
I sit alone in the closet so I can hear what they saying
I'm rocking back and forth helpless will it, infest my ahhhh
My momma told me it would pass its been 17 days
The bag of the tynonel bottles don't say shit about a soul rape
Tell me what the fuck I'm supposed to do now (how)
Act how (now) go where (here) be with who listen more to me or you?
Father tell me whenever will I be back to normal (never)
I guess I'm cursed to live with this headache forever[Anybody Killa:]
I can't sleep at night
Cause all these sounds in the darkness
Wake up in a cold sweat
Body feeling heartless
Pop a couple sleeping pills to try an relax
Every time I doze off something's breathing down my back
Could it be the afterlife or just a soul living inside of me
Praying for the day to take us both out of our misery
Could it be the evil ways of past on friends?
Or maybe all the lives I took are coming back for they revenge[Chorus]Give me pain
Give me love
Make me bleed
Take me above
Take me down
This is my medicine
I cut the head of the devil and I throw it at you![repeats until song ends]
Это интересно:Dark Lotus - группа, основанная в Детройте, штат Мичиган. Сформировалась в 1999 году и состоит из участников лэйбла Psychopathic Records: Joseph Bruce (Violent J) и Joseph (Shaggy 2 Dope) из Insane Clown Posse, Jamie Spaniolo (Jamie Madrox) и Paul Methric (Monoxide) из Twiztid, и Chris Rouleau (Blaze Ya Dead Homie).Dark Lotus дебютировали с синглом «Echo Side», которая была выпущена на альбоме 1999 Insane Clown Posse "Amazing Jeckel Brothers". Позже было объявлено, что каждый член «будет действовать... продолжение
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