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"Car Bomb"
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Solid Grey


Car Bomb

альбомы: Centralia
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 396 просмотров
Blackened solid grey.


Blackened poisoned torn away.



Savor and cover and recover some of the pieces of what you were when you were free from the repeating messages repeating messages.


Blocking out all of the light from the sky with their rectangles raping you, raping you blind.


Live in the prison they built for you all from the time you spend repeating paperwork all for nothing but pushing on.

Push your head into the sand.

Confirm all of there repeating desires.

Compliments meant to suppress.

Everything must coalesce.

Go stick your head into the ground.
Это интересно:Сar Bomb это: Michael Dafferner - вокал Greg Kubacki - гитара Jon Modell - бас-гитара Elliot Hoffman - ударныеКраткая история группы: Уникальный стиль progressive metal-команды Car Bomb – это почти всегда музкальный вызов. Car Bomb комбинируют полиритмичное и математическое безумие Meshuggah и The Dillinger Escape Plan с яростью и энергией Coalesce и Converge.... продолжение
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