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"Car Bomb"
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"Car Bomb"
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Best Intentions


Car Bomb

жанры: experimental
альбомы: Centralia
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1235 просмотров
Lower the blades ten degrees

Forty more degrees

Forty more degrees

At right angles to your mouth

Lower this ten centigrade

Ninety centigrade

Ninety centigrade

Feeds the fuel that feeds the core.

Sound-crack the barrier

Fall-from the sky

Gage-silence before the impact

Flash-blinds your eyes

Heat-melt the foundation

Burn-your shadow

Ash-felt the remains of the sum of all human existence

Caught up in a frenzy like rats crawling on there belly

Staying low to the ground to escape the hundred-million K

Reasoning technology has never soothed the taste of ease

That's running from our lips to blind us in our greedy eyes

Force us to pave the blind shroud of hell.

This machine was built from the

Metal that we scraped

After the last world war

Hunger for blood

During peace time


Blood Fist
Это интересно:Сar Bomb это: Michael Dafferner - вокал Greg Kubacki - гитара Jon Modell - бас-гитара Elliot Hoffman - ударныеКраткая история группы: Уникальный стиль progressive metal-команды Car Bomb – это почти всегда музкальный вызов. Car Bomb комбинируют полиритмичное и математическое безумие Meshuggah и The Dillinger Escape Plan с яростью и энергией Coalesce и Converge.... продолжение
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