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"Wow, Owls!"
  1. I'll Be Your Huckleberry
  2. Five Sexy Alligators, Please
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"Wow, Owls!"
  1. Pick Your Patterns

Five Sexy Alligators, Please


Wow, Owls!

альбомы: Pick Your Patterns
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1445 просмотров
Just remember that its my hand that opened this vein so youre excused from all the future entanglements well never have.  precious rubies spell out, welcome home, on a banner streaming across the sky looking westward.  i found myself in a tv plot that i dont want to act in.  im not a child anymore, so why do i have to raise my hand?  im counting lessons ill never learn on twenty fingers and twenty toes.  i dont want to sleep it off tonight but i can still outrun the reruns with my friends of yesteryear.  maybe its better we never see each other and live for right now.  its time for bed so wrap yourself in false friendships that you created yourself.  maybe its better to sleep in or wake up.  wake up.  im waking up.
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Это интересно:Wow, Owls! was a screamo band hailing from Richmond, VA, who existed from 2003 to 2006. The band played their last show on 2-17-06. Discography:"Pee Sout" CD-R (self released; February 2006)"Pick Your Patterns" CD-LP (Perpetual Motion Machine & Life In A Box; April 2005-February 2006) Split 7" w- The Setup (Perpetual Motion Machine & Life In A Box; October 2005) "Mind Explosion" Demo CD-R-Cassette (self released-Goembessa; 2004)
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