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"Vertical Horizon"
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Angel Without Wings


Vertical Horizon

жанры: alternative, acoustic, rock
альбомы: Running on Ice
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1038 просмотров
We started out so brand new darling
But now it seems that nothing can change your mind
I have seen your city lights
But have you seen my country skies
Watch the world go twirling by 
And perhaps it's common fears
Or uncommon hearts
That makes us insincere
And torn apart 
But when will I learn
Love is just my fantasy disguised
An angel without wings can hardly fly
And love without a dream it will not survive 
But now I can see
I am lucky just to have a heart
Discovery will knock you on your knees
And lonely tears can only hope to freeze
Yeah, they'll freeze and fall on down 
And so our sun is sinking low
And your spirit's close behind
But there's something you should know now
That you're on my mind 
But where are you now
When will you share your winter nights 
No it won't survive
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Это интересно:Рок-группа Vertical Horizon была основана в 1990 году студентами Джорджтаунского Университета Метью Сканнеллом и Кейт Кейн; после выпуска в 1991 году дуэт переехал в Бостон и в 1992 году выпустил свой дебютный альбом «There and Back Again».... продолжение
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