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Give It Away



жанры: electronic
альбомы: Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1070 просмотров
I don't know what else to say
I give it away
You keep on making me wait
But I'm not your slave
I waste a shit load of time
And I'm on the rush
You're playing tricks with my mind
And you lie so much
I've got my own responsibility
I don't need anyone else to take care of but me
You are out of my life
Why should I work for you
Now it's time to handle your own shit as we do
I gave you more than one chance
To redeem yourself
You're still lying to my face
You don't give a fuck
For you I've built a good life
That you don't deserve
One day you will pay the price
And it's gonna hurt
I've got my own responsibility
I waited for so long
Now it's too late to quit
I thought you could've changed
So we'd make history
But I'm fooling myself
It's just a fantasy
I've got my own
I don't need anyone
I've got my own
I don't need anyone to take care of but me
Это интересно:Полное имя: Anna-Catherine Hartley. Родилась в Майями, некоторое время жила в Гонг-Конге, в возрасте 15-ти лет переехала в Париж. На одну из своих вечеринок она пригласила Dj Feadz'a, с которым после начала встречаться. Почти через 2 года совместной жизни, парочка решила вместе записывать музыку. В 2005 году на странице Uffie на начали появляться первые композиции. Ее первый сингл "Pop The Glock" сначала... продолжение
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