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"Truth Hurts"
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"Truth Hurts"
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Truth Hurts

альбомы: Truthfully Speaking
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5 / 1048 просмотров
Damn, Hollywood, land of how you do's
Movie stars, take two's, lights, camera
Where's my leadin' lady?Out here in Hollywood you see so many games
Characters with so many names and faces
Counterfeit to the core, the bullshit they believeI get a migraine tryin' to decipher who's who
When the life of the trife [Incomprehensible]
Who can you believe?
May be my folks Craine and DeanWhat you wearin', how many carats?
What you drivin', don't worry about what I'm in
What you makin', nigga, what's the price on you?
Look at your chain, call that ice, homie?You ain't gangsta, my clothes ain't tight on me
You where nut huggers and drink Christian Brothers with fake ID
A fraud ain't shit to me, a skinny broad is a bitch to me
Get a little fame and change up, fake gangstaHollywood made up bitch niggers, straight up
And them black born and stuck, fucked
It's hard to breathe with no love, no freight touch
I make hits daily, need a few? I got 'emI coulda loaned you one or two
But Aftermath bought 'em, ironic ain't it?
I'm the CEO, judge, jury and the plaintiff
Sayin' fuckHollywood
Who are you, what you'll say you'll do
And why you let them get the best of you?Hollywood
I know you call it V.I.P.
But let me tell you what it means to me
It's HollywoodSomebody tossed you some game
With some fame and you burned your back
Motherfucker, how lame is that
Even arranged for you pains to exist and beyond the mapOh high as a diddy ass bugie niggas, actin' like video bitches
You ain't pimpin', you switchin' and Hollywierd livin', bullshittin'
Got no time for time for that
Cut, print, check the gate, that's a wrapAnd if one more rude Hollywood bugie bitch steps to me
High steppin' like she better than me
I'ma put it to her direct one and correctly, like thisSee, if you knows when too damn hard to see
That a real girl cut bitches all the way to [Incomprehensible]
(Hey, are you a model, actress?)
Save your drama for the moviesThat role you play, is it the life you live?
Are you one hundred percent positive
Or did you just forget when you got here?
To this place of the misguided, them niggers tryin' to blend inHollywood
Who are you, what you'll say you'll do
And why you let it get the best of you?Hollywood
I get you call it V.I.P.
But let me tell you what it means to me
It's HollywoodYeah, but the Truth Hurts
Hollywood, Hollywood
Это интересно:Jonathan Arthur "Chico" DeBarge (рождился 23 июня 1966 в Детройте, Мичиган) является американским R&B певцом и он младший брат членов семьи Motown DeBarge. В отличие от остольных членов семьи DeBarge, Chico - единственный мужчина , который не поет фальцетом, который известен в его семье; он поет тенора.Он начал музыкальную собственную карьеру с Motown Records в середине 1980-ых. С его дебютного альбома стала хитом песня... продолжение
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