Sex For Yo Stereo


Trey Songz

жанры: rnb
альбомы: Trey Day
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.1 / 1074 просмотра
When you see me in the videos babe,
Do I make your body go crazy?
Or when you catch me in a magazine baby,
Do you rip me out and save my page?
If my voice comes through your speaker
and you legs suddenly get weaker
this is for you.
I'm hopin' it's gon' get you thru.
So I can get to you.
Tell me what you see
when you think of me.
I want this to be
just like your fantasy.
Oh, girl.
Girl I'm comin' over.
Got some things to show ya.
Turn yo stereo up

Got some sex for your stereo
Girl you wanna bump it
Turn it up don't turn me down
promise that you'll love it.
Now put your hands on the radio,
don't be scared to touch it.
Imagine I was there,
baby pulin' on your hair.
Got some sex for your stereo
Show me how you take it
My words move like hands
and I'm singin' to you naked
Got some sex for your stereo
Girl you wanna bump it
Turn it up don't turn me down
promise that you'll love it.

Now can my ladies in the back make some noise?
I see you.
It don't matter where you are.
In ya crib, at ya job, or in the car.
It's for you,
This is for you.
Wherever you can stick me in (stick me in)
just let the record spin.
Baby it's on you.
What you gonna do?
Choice is all yours:
you can put me in fast-forward
we can start the record over (over)
Can you feel my words creepin up your legs
takin' off your clothes?


Now you need a little bass
so let me give you a taste.
I want you to feel my subwolfer
baby when I give it to ya.
Now you need some highs
so I'ma make you touch the sky.
Ooh, girl now slide your body near,
Girl take them headphones,
come a little closer.
So I can hear you when you moan.
Now let me just adjust your knob
turn it 'til I get you hot,
get you hot, get you hot.
I won't stop,

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