Just Exist


Touché Amoré

жанры: hardcore, screamo, emo
альбомы: Is Survived By, Live On BBC Radio 1
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 894 просмотра
I was once asked how I'd like to be remembered 
  and I simply smiled and said “I'd rather 
  stay forever.” It was possibly my loudest cliche 
  but felt better than just walking away.  I don't 
  know what my legacy will be.  A song, some 
  words I wrote, or a kid I'll never see.  All of 
  these things scare me half to death.  I'll suffer 
  the day just hoping for the best.  But that's not 
  to say I don't think that all of this can change. 
  But that's not to say I won't wake up some day 
  with a lion's pride that I'm going to be okay. 
  If again I'm asked how I'd like to be remembered, 
  next time I'll be better prepared for 
  the answer, but you'll never know much of 
  the truth, so I'll just exist.  It's all I can do.  So 
  much to consider and too much to grasp.  To 
  swallow mortality is enough of a task and 
  leaving your mark is just too much to ask. 
  I'll just bow my head and leave out the back.
Это интересно:Touché Amoré образовались в 2007 из 5 американцев, высказывая своё гневное «нет» жадности, ненависти и повседневному гламуру окружающего мира. Корнями звук этого квинтета уходит в звучание Orchid, Pg.99, Hot Cross, American Nightmare и Curl Up and Die. После ряда выступлений группа выпускает демо и семёрку в 2008 году,... продолжение
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