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Without a Sound



жанры: sludge
альбомы: Meanderthal
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1381 просмотр
Sometimes her mother will work with her
But There's nothing wrong with her
There's nothing wrong with her
There's nothing wrongSo such is life that it writes itself
Trying to right itself
But There's nothing wrong with it
There's nothing wrongAnd every single day without much to say
These apparitions raise a toast to their kindThe people who are these things
Are not afraid with you
And caring must go with the wisdom
Of their selectionsNever can touch their sign language
So is the cost of sound barriers
Even as though she's still searching
For a cloud with a silver lining
We pray for her
She's burning slow
Out on a mission's lightChristian animation torch carriers
This is a shallow hole but faith makes it safe
Hiding inside a grave with no sound
No witness to see
With or without youChristian animation torch carriers
However will you learn their sign language
However will you try to hide
Within their eyes?
Within them in life?
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Это интересно:Torche - группа из Майами, Флорида. Их стиль чаще всего описывают как stoner metal, или sludge metal. Группа выделяется из десятков подобных команд великолепной мелодикой.Группа была сформирована в 2004-м году Стивом Бруксом (ex-Floor), Хуаном Монтойей... продолжение
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