The Sixth Golden Ticket


The Saddest Landscape

жанры: screamo, hardcore
альбомы: Lift Your Burdens High for This Is Where We Cross
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1292 просмотра
we mouthed the words to all of the saddest songs because they felt like home and i watched you out of the corner of my eye and that smile you gave me launched one thousand beats of my heart. so you can lean a little harder i will take that weight from you, i will be that call in the middle of the night the picture kept in your favorite book and it you just want someone to call yours i will be that tool i was just looking for someone to leave me breathless and i found it in you.... . and i dont want to miss you anymore so here is one song to call your own to kiss away the tears and leave no traces of pain so angelic and comforting these are my dreams all comming true and i must have played that message one thousand times just to hear your voice before i went to sleep
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Это интересно:The Saddest Landscape play an authentic style of emo, combining influences from the original "emo" sound with the more chaotic sounds of the later "screamo" bands of the 90s.. Urgent and emotionally driven.
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