Who Said We're Wack?


The Lonely Island

жанры: hip-hop
альбомы: Incredibad
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1202 просмотра
(Spoken) Hey yo, check this out. I was just at the club right, heard these two dudes talking, one of them said to the other one, that they knew someone, who said you guys are wack!(Who said we're wack?)
You said we're wack?
You take it back!
(Who said we're wack?)
You talkin' smack?
You gonna get smacked.
(You're sayin' that we're wack but it just ain't so.)Someone said we're wack!
Why would they say that?
I don't think we're wack.
Who said we're wack?
Who said we're wack?
I can't believe that.
They must be smoking crack,
To say that we're wack.
Say that we're wack?
You'll probably get smacked.
If you say we're wack.
Did you say we're wack?(Who said we're wack?)
I'll paint your eye black,
Once I check my facts.
(Who said we're wack?)How could a person up and call a person wack?
How could the devil turn the blue sky black?
How many babies born will ever reach their dreams?
And how could a person call another person wack?Heard a rumor, that someone said we're wack.
I think that it's wack, to call someone wack.
I am not wack, no matter what you say,
What did you say? Did you say I'm wack?All the ladies in the house put your hands up!
All the fellas in the house put your hands up!
Now whoever said we're wack put your hand up!
Now everyone else put your hands down!(Spoken) Oh, there he is, there he is.
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