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"Team Dresch"
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"Team Dresch"
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She's Crushing My Mind


Team Dresch

жанры: alternative
альбомы: Personal Best
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 863 просмотра
What i should have been was way too possible it's fucked up to think like this and 
I'm waiting for her thoughts to kill me only she's not having a thought past thinking 
About why she was born this way this way trying not to forget her face before 
Remembering anyways it's the kind of structure that breaks with everyone still on 
The ground you don't' wat to let it hit you full force nothing let to guard you don't 
Want me to know you never wanted me this way this way you never wanted me 
Anyways she wants to forget it she wants to forget it
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Это интересно:Team Dresch is an American punk band from Portland, Oregon, originally formed in Olympia, Washington, which was initially active from 1993 until 1998. The band made a significant impression on the do-it-yourself movement queercore, which gave voice through zines and music to the passions and concerns of those in both the LGBT community and the punk subculture. All bandmembers were open lesbians. Washington Post writer Chris Richards called their debut album, 1995's Personal Best, "a fiery, all-but-forgotten punk masterpiece." In the early 2000s, Team Dresch reunited, and they continue to perform.EstablishmentDonna Dresch, founder of the band, had been involved in the queercore... продолжение
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