Caught by the Fuzz



жанры: britpop, indie, 90s, rock
альбомы: I Should Coco, Supergrass Is 10: The Best Of 94-04, In It For The Money, Supergrass Is 10
рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.5 / 545 просмотров
Caught by the fuzz
Well I was still on the bus
In the back of the van with my head in my hands
Just like a bad dream, I was only fifteenIf only my brother could be here now
He'd get me out he'd sort me out alright
I knew I should have stayed at home tonightLocked in the cell feelin' unwell
I talked to a man he said it's better to tell
Who sold you the blow
Well it was no one I knowIf only youd tell us wed let you go
We'll make it hard for you my son
So tell us what you know
Well make you wish youd stayed at home tonightHere comes my mum, well she
She knows what I've done just tell them the truth
You know where he's from you've blackened our name
Well you, you should be ashamedIf only your father could see you now
He'd breakdown and he'd throw you out for sure
I never should have let you out tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight
Это интересно:Оксфорд, Англия (1993 - 2010)Перед тем как собрать Supergrass, Gaz Coombes (вокал, гитара) и Danny Goffey (ударные) играли в группе The Jennifers. Они даже ухитрились выпустить один сингл на Nude Records в 1990 году, когда Газу было всего 14 лет. The Jennifers довольно быстро распались, и через некоторое время парни вместе с басистом Мики Куинном (Mickey Quinn) создали Supergrass и попали в точку. Почему они назвали группу таким образом... продолжение
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