Báthory Erzsébet


Sunn O)))

жанры: drone, ambient
альбомы: Black One
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 709 просмотров
Here. Decompose forever, aware and unholy, encased in marble

and honey from the swarm, a thin coat of eternal whispering

that bleaches from within, a darkness that defiles thought,

stolen by the wingless harpies whose memories lay waste the valley of diamonds,

where the great One sleeps, her eyes,

placid pits of violent tar and bitumen regurgitated by demons chained to misery,

eyes that see nothing for there is only the darkness that wells up from inside,

a great viscous cloud smothering hope,

a blanket woven from the dung of the old ones,

their disease the tapestry of all that is futile,

her gaze burning holes in the veil that protects the chosen,

her breathe a plague that unleashes the frozen wolves, blind,

their tongues paint your heart with scorpions,

their pestilence an invitation to the only one that matters for

She is the presence that is all that is un-named, for it is Her,

the unbegotten Mistress of the eternal hunger,

dwell forever in her great unholy stomach where the damned befoul themselves in

the glory of her fecund and bloody history,

worship in the torment of a million wasted lives,

bathe in the horror that the blood of time carries with the plague,

and befoul yourself with worship,

for she hates you eternally with the ferocious lust that binds all that inhabit

the wasted and forgotten, the blissful loathing of you is now all that remains,

alone, forgotten and Damned.
Это интересно:Sunn O))) – известная дроун-дум группа из Сиэтла, штат Вашингтон, США. Сан появились в конце 90-х усилиями двух музыкантов – Стивена О'Мелли и Грега Андерсона, которые до этого вместе играли в сладж/дум группе Burning Witch. Материал, представленный на полноформатных альбомах, довольно разнообразный, несмотря на специфику дроун-музыки. Ранние альбомы, в особенности первый... продолжение
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